Claude Monet , Nympheas , 100 x 300 cm. Oil on canvas (1917- 1920)

Marketplace Carousel by (robert acevedo 3)
1. Sing, even if you can’t.
2. Extra cheese is always worth the little extra charge.
3. Never go to bed angry.
4. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.
5. Happiness CAN be contagious.
6. The eyes are the windows to one’s soul.
7. Always take time to make phone calls over texts when you can. It’s nice to hear their voice.
8. “I love you” can be said without any words.
9. Always take the chance to try something new. Whether it be food, books, music, or an activity.
10. Home is a person, not a place.

10 things I’ve learned since I met you (via toinfinity-andbeyondwords)



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